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The Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) and its members have come together to invest in core infrastructure, providing funding for fundamental projects like OpenSSL, OpenSSH, NTPd and others. Under the guidance of the Advisory Board, CII is actively researching and identifying new projects to improve the security of the internet. CII is particularly looking for grant proposals which meet the following criteria:

  1. CII funded projects should benefit the open source community's ability to deliver and maintain secure code.

  2. Communication security is our most critical need; funding priority should be for projects that improve and harden critical at-risk services capabilities. Embedded, IoT, Mobile, Network, Server and Web Application are all target workloads.

  3. Practical solutions for today's problems are a priority. Research, for example, should be prioritized towards applied topics that will impact the development community.

  4. Prefer community building projects over work for hire projects.

 To submit a grant proposal please create an account and fill out the proposal questionnaire on this website. If you would like to consult with a CII staff member before initiating the proposal process, please fill out the webform on CII's Contact page.